The JELLYFISH Collection was presented by Team DRAUFT at the exhibition EDIT Napoli. The event took a place on 29-31 October right in a Mediterranean capital in the international circuit of culture- the city of Naples.
For its third consecutive edition, the event was hosted within the spaces of the Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore and within some of the most symbolic venues of Neapolitan and Mediterranean culture. EDIT Napoli once again proves itself as a meeting and a starting point for dialogues between territory, tradition, institutions and contemporary design.
For the DRAUFT team participation in the EDIT Napoli is a good experience and an excellent opportunity to get the feedback on our products not only from buyers, but also from other designers.
Despite the number of exhibitors DRAUFT is one of the favorite brands presented in Naples
of a digital media company DesignWanted !
Original furniture with original function at EDIT Napoli 2021

"Traditionally, nested tables group multiple tables at different heights so each tier can sit under the previous one. In this case, however, Italian architecture studio DRAUFT has cut a section away from the larger table so a smaller design can be placed inside".

Kieron Marchese


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Cubozoa, Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa coffee tables by Drauft have been selected by editorial staff among the Best of 2021 projects

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